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What is meisterwork?

meisterwork makes it simple for companies to efficiently track work time and manage cases, workers and customers.

How does it work?

Here's a quick explanation of how all this fits together.

Recording work

For workers using meisterwork, everything works on any Android or Apple smartphone.

Workers have a list of all currently assigned cases on their phone. All the worker needs to do is start the case. From there meisterwork does all the work of recording the time, no guessing or complicated interaction is required.

meisterwork knows when a worker arrives at and leaves from a case destination. This allows accurate recording of times without the need for guessing and reducing error.

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Case info & Time Slips

All case work information is added by workers and then approved by customers using the smartphone.

When a worker marks a case as done, the customer can see a summary of the case and can sign their name to give approval.

All this information is instantly available in the office. It is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed whenever needed. No need for filing paper slips.

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Back at the office

Always up to date, the Manager is the control center for meisterwork.

  • The Manager allows full control over the creation and editing of cases. It’s super quick and efficient to add workers or customers to a case.

  • With the powerful planning feature, cases coming up in the next weeks can be viewed at-a-glance. Change assigned workers on the fly.

  • Get a heads-up view of where all current cases and workers are without needing to check files or call workers using the unique Map feature.

A Rock solid solution

Outstanding performance and secure data are paramount.

Who uses meisterwork?

Companies who work case-by-case with off-site workers.

meisterwork gets great results in these areas and much more...


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